Band-It Manuals & Specifications

Tool Instruction Manuals

NEW – Band-It Electrical Catalogue 2018
NEW – Band-It Hose Clamps Catalogue 2018

A920 & A92079 Band-It Tie-Lok II Tool
A910 & A91079 Band-It Mini Tie-Lok Tool
BAB58 or BAB38 Bolt Clamps
C001 & C00169 Band-It Tool
C003 & C00369 Band-It Heavy Duty Tool
C075 & C07569 Band-It Bantam Tool
C400 & C4099 Band-It Ratchet Tool
G402 &  G40669 Band-It Giant Tool
D504, D50489 & D500 Band-It Bolt Clamps
ID200 Series Band-It Stainless Steel ID Tag Imprinter
J001 & J00169 Band-It Jr Adaptor
J020 & J02069 Band-It Pok-It Tool
J050 & J05069 Band-It Heavy Duty Adaptor
J930 Cutter Blade Kit
KS652 Ball-Lok SS Ties Tool
M156 & M15699 Band-It Scru-Band
M210 & M21099 Band-It Scru-Seal Insructions
M210 & M21099 Band-It  Scru-Seal Photo
S038 & S03869 Band-It Center-Punch Tool
S457 Gripper Installation Instructions
S75099 Pneumatic Junior Clamp Tool Operating Instructions
S750 Air Pressure Settings
S750 Operator’s & Spare Parts Manual_

S750 & S75099 Air Tool Training Video on YouTube
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T300 & T30069 Band-It Center-Punch Tool
UL4000D Battery Powered Ultra-Lok Tool
UL9010 Band-It Electric Ultra-Lok Tool

Technical Data & Specifications

Stainless Steel Data Sheet
Break Strength Graph
Comparison of Mechanical Properties
Technical Data & Specifications
Loop Tensile Strength Chart
Quality Assurance Certificates
Glossary and Abbreviations
Type 201 & Type 201L Stainless Steel Specifications
Type 316 & Type 317 Stainless Steel Specifications

Product Information & Catalogues

Band-It Catalogue (Complete) B80 2009
Band-It Kits
Bolt Clamps D500 & D504, BAB38 & BAB58
Coloured Band
Hand & Power Tools
Sign & Utility Brackets
Smooth ID Clamps
Stainless Steel Identification Tags
Tie-Dex Clamping System
Industrial Insulation Brochure
NEW – Band-It Electrical Catalogue 2018
NEW – Band-It Hose Clamps Catalogue 2018

Band-It PPA 571, Nylon 11 & Polyester Coated Bands & Cable Ties

Band-It Ties Brochure
KT series Ball-Lokt v2
Cable-Tie Brochure
Band-It DNV Approval Electrical Product Catalogue
Band-It Stainless Steel Cable Ties
PPA 571 Brochure

D310 & D021 Brackets

UL4000-D Cordless Ultra-Lok Tool Kit

UL4000-D Cordless Ultra-Lok Tool Kit

Band-It S750 Tool

Band-It S75099 Pneumatic Tool

Band-It Band