Band-It Ball-Lokt Cable Ties

For applications ranging from identification tagging to bundling cables, Band-It Ball-Lokt™ stainless steel cable ties in 316 stainless steel, provide a longer life than nylon ties, especially in extreme climates.

The epoxy coated ties are UV resistant and provide minimal cracking when exposed to lower temperatures or harsh conditions.

Self-locking design installation by hand or with the KS652 tool, to assure uniform tension and clean tail cut-off for safe handling.

UES Promura's Stainless Steel Cable Ties Band-it Ball LoktBand-It Ks652 Stainless Steel Cable ties tool to ensure uniform tension

Ball-Lokt™ Stainless Steel Cable Ties Tool Manual

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Band-it Ball Lokt Stainless Steel cable ties self locking application illustration

Band-it Epoxy Coated Stainless Steel Cable ties Band-it Ball-Lokt Stainless steel cable ties is ideal for harsh environments